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The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is a legally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to fostering, improving, promoting and protecting the versatile hunting dog in North America. Underlying these aims is the desire to serve the interests of game conservation, the prevention of cruelty to animals, and good sportsmanship, by encouraging hunters to use dogs that are well-trained in work before and after the shot, on land and in the water.


  1. To educate all interested persons in the techniques of training versatile hunting dogs, to conduct tests of versatile hunting dog breeds in North America and maintain records of such tests for all interested persons and to promote selective breeding and population control of versatile hunting dog breeds.
  2. To prevent cruelty to animals by the use of properly trained hunting dogs.
  3. No substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and the corporation shall not intervene in any political campaign.
  4. The corporation shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, religion, or any legally proscribed classification, in its programs, activities, or employment practices.

This is an independent web site maintained by the Illowa Chapter. The IIllowa Chapter does not and is not authorized to speak or act on behalf of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, Inc. The accuracy of any statements or information posted on or derived from use of this web site is not verified and may not reasonably be relied upon.


Good Dogs!

Good Friends!

Good Times!

Our Chapter includes a variety of versatile breeds from the French Brittany to the Spinone, and everything in between.

One of our favorite events for the year is the Youth Pheasant Hunt.

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The 20th Annual Fun Hunt and Trap Shoot COMING on April 13th, 2024.

Plan to support the chapter.  Bring your family and friends!  Illowa NAVHDA > Fun Hunt > Annual Fun Hunt Registration Form

4th Annual Jerry Houtekier Youth Pheasant Hunt - October 19, 2024

Youth will receive a review of hunting safety and rules followed by gun safety and trapshooting, game idendification, hunting dog demonstration and pheasant hunt..

All guns, ammo, blaze orange, eye/ear protection, and food were be provided.  A Pheasant Forever membership will be gifted by the chapter.

There is NO COST for this program thanks to NAVHDA, Midwest North NADKC, Louisa County Pheasant & Quail Forever and generous donations from other area sponsors.

Event Application           Liability Release Form


The 2024 Annual Meeting will be held on February 3, 2024 at 11:00 AM

Where: Home of Ray and Sally Carter, 11640 61st Ave Pl, Blue Grass, IA  52726
The chapter will supply the meat.  Please bring a dish to share and your own bevrages.
We will set the training schedule for the year as well as the Fun Hunt date.
Bring your calendars and ideas.  


2022 Youth Pheasant Hunt - was be held October 22, 2022.

The ILLOWA NAVHDA / NADKC Youth Pheasant Hunt was a wonderful day.  We hosted 21 youth for the 2nd Annual Jerry Houtekier Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt.

The youth will received a review of hunting safety and rules followed by gun safety and trapshooting.    All guns, ammo, blaze orange, eye/ear protection, and food were be provided. 

There was NO COST for this program thanks to NAVHDA, NADKC, Louisa County Pheasant & Quail Forever and generous donations from other area sponsors.



We Made The Cover - We made the cover of the VHD January 2019 magazine.  

Considering Joining Our Chapter? - If you are a prospective member, we invite and encourage you to join us for a Chapter Training Day. It is the best way to see first hand what our Chapter is all about, and to meet some of our Members. You will also undoubtedly come away from the Day with your training questions answered, as well as a new training tip or technique. Contact us for more information, or Join Today! 


Upcoming Events




Training Day

NEW DATE & HOST - Vickstroms Farm -Chris Wall Host

The training day is scheduled to from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Please RSVP to Chris Wall 563.343.5555 by Monday, June 3rd, if you will be able to attend the training day.  That will allow Chris time to make additional plans as needed.

Please bring your own snacks, lunch, and beverages.. 

The fields at this location may be fairly tall.  There are a couple very nice ponds for water work.




Handler Aims and Rules Clinic

Wapello, IA

Registration Adult $100

Registration Youth $50 see Kristen Rieser Scholarship Fund 

Limited to 20 participants.

Starting time 8:00 AM at 6442 114th Ave., Wapello.

Registrations may be sent to Illowa NAVHDA, c/o Bobbi Benson, 6442 114th Ave., Wapello, IA  52653 or PayPal at [email protected]  (Please note the reason for the payment in the comments)

Include attendee name(s), address, telephone and email address.

Lunch will be Included, along with Coffee, Juice, Water.

The Aims & Rules Clinic is an educational tool developed by NAVHDA to help dog owners and handlers understand the testing system. The clinics are conducted by designated NAVHDA Senior Judges and Clinic Leaders. Aims & Rules Clinics cover a variety of topics over two days, including informal classroom style instruction on the NAVHDA philosophy, test mechanics, and the scoring system for each test.

Participants will also take to the field and water to judge and score dogs being run in a mock test setting. After each section the participants and the Clinic Leader will discuss the dog’s performance, where the performance would fall in the NAVHDA scoring system, and any strengths of weaknesses in training and handling. Many clinic leaders also include helpful tips and tricks on handling dogs in NAVHDA tests.

Who Should Attend and Why?

  • People with their first dog will see how other dogs work and gain insight into what their dog is doing and why. This will help to develop their pup’s talents and improve performance.
  • Novice handlers will learn how NAVHDA evaluates versatile dogs, and thus will be better prepared to handle their dogs in a test.
  • Experienced handlers will gain a deeper, more technical knowledge of how the team of dog and handler are judged.
  • Breeders will learn what to look for in their breeding stock and their progeny, and how to use NAVHDA records obtained through our Search Test Records service for selective breeding.
  • Aspiring NAVHDA Judges are required to attend an Aims & Rules Clinic and is one of the first steps in our Apprentice Judge Program.




Training Day

Henke-Benson Farm, Wapello

RSVP to Jeff Henke no later than Monday, July 8, 2024.  563.299.4435

There may be birds available so contact Jeff for availability and price.

Bring your own sack lunch, snacks, beverages, and supplies for your dog(s).

Let Jeff know your training needs so he can arrange training accordingly.





Training Day

Henke-Benson Farm, Wapello, Iowa

Details will be provided as the date gets closer

Plan to bring your own sack lunch, snacks, beverages, training gear and plenty of water for your dogs.

Contact Jeff Henke 563.299.4435 with questions or needs.  


Sponsors & Affiliations

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