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Thursday, July 18, 2024

About Our Chapter

Our Chapter was formed in 1998 by a group of individuals seeking to work together to promote the versatile hunting dog as a hunting partner. Over the years we have grown into a diverse, but close-knit group, of versatile hunting dog owners and breeders. Our Members have a variety of hunting dog-related interests and participate in many hunting dog-related activities, including the JGHV, VHDF, field trials, blood tracking, obedience trials, AKC Rally, AKC Tracking, and a variety of Breed Clubs.

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Our events are held in West Central Illinois, Eastern Iowa, and Southeast Iowa, as the majority of our Members hail from this area. We hold monthly events for the months of January through October, generally on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The January event is always our Annual Planning Meeting, where we plan the events for the rest of the year, elect officers, and enjoy a potluck dinner that includes wild game prepared by Members. Most events are Training Days, held at various Chapter Members' rural properties, where we get together with our dogs to learn new training techniques, practice various hunting and testing skills, and socialize. Once each year we hold a Fun Hunt and two NAVHDA Tests, all of which are open to the public. 

Training Days are always open to prospective members. If you are considering joining a NAVHDA chapter, or are just curious to know what NAVHDA is all about, please come check us out! Chapter Training Equipment Our Chapter frequently purchases dog training equipment and equipment is often generously donated. Chapter Members may borrow equipment by requesting it from the Training Director . Equipment should be promptly returned when no longer needed, and must be returned prior to the next Test or Training Day.

Following is the Chapter's current equipment inventory:

  • Item Type

  • 12 Duck Decoys

  • Cloth Blind

  • 20 Heeling Stakes

  • 2 Single Shot Shotguns

  • 1 Old Remote Launcher

  • 1 New Remote Launcher

  • 10x10 Canopy

  • 3 Banners

  • Dummy Launcher

  • Retrieve Dummies & Bag

  • 2 Bird Bags

  • 2 Bird Boxes

  • 1 6x12 Trailer
  • Chapter Offices

    The Illowa Board


    President: Ray Carter

    Vice President/Training Director: Jeff Henke

    Secretary: Bobbi Benson

    Treasurer: Jan Huebbe
    63614 240th Street, Dexter, MN  55926

    Board Member: Jennifer Fynaardt

    Spring Test Secretary:  Michelle Wilbers

    Fall Test Secretary: Jennifer Fynaardt 




    Chapter Email List

    Chapter Members are automatically subscribed to the Chapter's email list, which is the primary method of communication for our chapter. To be removed from the list, send an email addressed to: [email protected] from the subscribed email address.

    If you are not receiving emails from the Chapter's Member email list, it is because your email service provider is auto-deleting them as spam. This frequently happens with bulk emails, because that is the way spammers send out their spam. Make sure [email protected] is white listed with your email provider.

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